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Film/Video Transfer to DVD

Over the many years we have worked with schools and parents to make their performance DVD's, we were starting to have the same question asked of us frequently... "Can we transfer old films and videos to DVD?"  It seems a great many of you have old home movies laying around in formats that cannot be easily played anymore, on film and tapes that are slowly aging and losing their audio and video to time. As a result, we have invested in the equipment and skills needed to make high-quality transfers of your old home-movies to modern formats and now have many years of expertise performing this much needed service.

We are able to transfer from the following formats:
  • VHS Tape
  • VHS-C Tape
  • 8mm FILM
  • Super 8mm FILM
  • 8mm Video Tape
  • Hi8 Video Tape
  • Digital8 Video Tape
  • MiniDV Tape
We are able to create DVD's and Web-Clips/Computer Files from your collection of video/film.
In addition, our transfer services always include:
  • Cleaning/Conditioning of your 8mm and Super 8mm Film Reels.
  • Repair, as needed, of any broken video tapes, whenever possible
  • Re-timing of your film reels so that they play back naturally, regardless of their frames-per-second
  • Extensive care to retain title information, taken from your existing tape/film labels, printed on your new DVD's
  • DVD's that also have space on them for you to write in additional label information as you watch them.
  • We optionally keep a master set of DVD's on file so that you may easily order additional copies anytime
  • We return your originals to you in better condition than they were when you gave them to us for transferring
  • We pick up your originals personally if you live in the NY Tri-State Metro Region. (Suffolk, Nassau, NYC, Westchester, Bergen, Fairfield, and surrounding counties).
  • We stand by our transfers, and if you should find issues or problems, we will correct the problem without additional cost. We are a boutique-sized company, able to give you that level of personal attention.
Click through the following links to get more information and see examples of our film transfers. Then, when you're ready, please call us so that we can answer your remaining questions, any time.
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